Super Funds Accounting

Super Funds Accounting Pty Ltd is a full service provider of specialist do-it-yourself (DIY) super fund services, also known as self-managed superannuation (SMSF) services. A DIY Super Fund (SMSF) collects and invests your superannuation contributions until they are paid out to you when you retire. As a member in a DIY fund, you are also its trustee responsible for how contributions are invested and for paying retirement benefits to yourself when the time comes.


Super Funds Accounting Pty Ltd started operating in 2008 and comprises a highly knowledgeable and experienced team of qualified SMSF professionals who have both local and international expertise in retirement and pension schemes. We are committed to providing continued total solutions and support to meet all the SMSF support service needs of our clients. Our overarching mission is to provide high quality support services that enhance the ability and confidence of our clients to successfully manage their wealth and to pursue their financial goals.

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Super Funds Accounting

We give assistance to set-up DIY/SMSF funds and then provide ongoing advice and services, including fund compliance, accounting, tax and audit.

Unlike many of our competitors, Super Funds Accounting Pty Ltd is not controlled by a bank, insurance company or financial institution. We therefore do not suffer any conflict of interest when we deliver services and give advice to our clients.  Our professional integrity is intact at all times.  


DIY Super Funds (SMSFs)

We offer specialist services directly to SMSF trustees, and indirectly to SMSF-trustee-clients of other accountants, financial planners and administration service providers, including;

  • SMSF set-up assistance
  • administration
  • complying pensions
  • independent audits
  • strategic advice
  • SIS and Tax Law compliance advice
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