Why DIY SMSF Is Good For Most People

diysmsfWhy DIY SMSF -because;

  • DIY SMSF offers you the opportunity to outperform the large non-DIY super funds
  • You have the opportunity to control your superannuation by personally choosing your own investments
  • You do not need to be a sophisticated expert to set-up and successfully operate a DIY super fund
  • There is more flexibility in the range of possible investments, including collectables, precious metals, in-house assets, agricultural investments, business real property, loans to persons/entities, overseas assets, etc
  • A DIY SMSF can be maneuvered with speed unlike large non-DIY funds
  • One to four members can pool their super accounts into one DIY fund, and within the fund still continue to segregate their individual balances, investments and investment returns
  • Timing-the-market strategies is possible for DIY super funds as opposed to sub-optimal time-in-the-market strategies pursued by most of the large non-DIY super funds
  • DIY SMSF can be more cost-effective than in other large non-DIY super funds depending on how much investment funds are available – ASIC suggests at least $200,000 for all members combined (Average $50,000 each if four members involved) and
  • DIY SMSF is a tool to legally minimise tax on other investments and incomes

If you are considering DIY SMSF but not sure about how to go about establishing your own then Contact Us so we can make the process less complicated and enjoyable.